About the NACC Blog

Children, Families and the Law asks how we can fulfill our professional, ethical and moral responsibilities to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families in American society. Managed by the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC), the blog challenges us to reexamine and reinvent how America’s legal and social service delivery systems intervene in the lives of kids and families involved in child welfare, juvenile justice, custody law and family law matters.

When kids or parents are seen as victims or as perpetrators of harm, or when families are in conflict, we have decided that the broader community should act. What do we do?  What problem are we trying to solve?  What rights do kids and parents have? What do we demand from those we are trying to help, and what do we demand from ourselves? Who decides what is to be done, and who is sent to do it?  How do we know we’re doing any good?

Helping children and families in need is both personal and political – it’s something all of us can do when we meet our neighbor on the sidewalk, and it’s something many of us do in the public arena as a vocation or avocation, paid or pro bono. Children, Families and the Law posts come from the NACC staff and membership. We challenge each other to build a better world, where courts, agencies, communities and citizens understand and respond to the challenges families face today. That means we care about child abuse, child neglect, dependency, delinquency and family conflict, but also about special education, health care, child labor, human trafficking, poverty, homelessness and hunger. We have promised our children a brighter future in a just world – how do we get there?