Oklahoma: What Is The Process To Adopt A Child?

The news of abandoned newborns, such as the recent one of a minor who gave birth and left the baby in a neighborhood in Guayaquil, is a concern in the country. The fact leads to the questions, what situations converge for a mother to abandon her child? What options are there for women who decide not to take care of their children? How to protect abandoned children? How can you adopt and contribute to the healthy development of a child in unsafe conditions?

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These are difficult questions to answer, and the testimonies from different points of view are equally dramatic.

Raped women who do not want to raise the child. Couples who yearn for a child that does not arrive. Minors condemned to live without parents, without family.

In 2014, according to a publication in the state media, in Oklahoma  there were  2,600 children and adolescents in situations of abandonment or orphanage who lived in foster homes managed by the government; and there are other reception centers of private administration where many more live.

However, in 2015 there were only 148 adoptions in the country, according to INEC figures. The majority in the Sierra region.

Dozens of testimonies affirm that the adoption process in Oklahoma is complex and long.

Every child needs a “declaration of adoptability.” This is a document issued by a judge, who must determine, according to the case, that the minor cannot be reintegrated with his parents or with a close relative. Only then, is the other part of adoption involved, the possible parents.

What is the process to adopt in Oklahoma?

They can adopt: Families or single people, trained, qualified, sensitive, committed, with a vision of rights to accept the role of adoptive mothers and fathers. Those who are willing to assume appropriate parenting, protection, love, education, health, proper treatment, contributing with respect to good living and the guarantee of rights.

The requirements are:

1. Be legally capable

2. Being in full exercise of political rights

3. Be over twenty-five years old

4. In the cases of a couple of adopters, this must be heterosexual and be united for more than three years, in marriage or de facto union that meets the legal requirements

5. Enjoy adequate physical and mental health to fulfill parental responsibilities

6. To have indispensable economic resources to guarantee the adopted one the satisfaction of their basic needs

7. Not record criminal records for crimes punishable by imprisonment

The process is:

1. Approach or contact one of the Zonal Adoption Technical Units (depending on the address), where guidance is received, basic information is recorded and an appointment for a preliminary interview is obtained

2. A preliminary interview with the person or couple requesting adoption

3. Participation in the formation circles of adoptive parents 2 sessions of 8 hours for the development of 5 modules

4. Submission of the application and complete means of verification

5. Individual and couple psychosocial assessment if applicable

6. Home study

7. Declaration of the suitability or not of the applicants for adoption

8. Assignment of the child or adolescent

9. Acceptance or not of the family

10. Relational process. This occurs once the acceptance of the family exists if the process of connection is successful, the child moves to live with his family

11. Positive follow-ups for 2 years

Adoption is prohibited in the following cases:

– You can not adopt a creature that is about to be born

– The child cannot be chosen by default, except when the adopter is a relative, within the fourth degree of consanguinity, or the minor is the child of the spouse or partner in the cases of the de facto union that meets the legal requirements.