In Oklahoma , as in most developed countries, the adoption of homeless children has increased considerably in recent years. This fact has raised new needs for professional intervention.

All the families that want to make an international adoption must first go through the process of formation and study that we do in AD to obtain the certificate of suitability. To start this process, the first step is to go to ICAA (Catalan Institute for Reception and Adoption) and request an informational meeting.

Adoption is an experience full of joys and possibilities, but it is also full of complex experiences for the family and the child.

The aim of the pre-  and post-adoption services is to provide a space for guidance and professional support that helps families to solve the particularities that this type of filiation entails.

What do we manage?

  • Family Foster Service since 1995
  • Adoption Service since 1997 · Postadoptive Service  since 2005
  • Preadoptive Service since 2007

How do we help?

  • Consultation and psychosocial counseling · Reflection, guidance and support groups for families and children
  • Professional orientation and training service
  • Psychoeducational service in the search process of origins · Therapeutic service